Strengthening of Chernobyl unions’ potential

Strengthening of Chernobyl unions’ potential

(September-November 2014, under Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany financial support)

Under Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, the International Educational Centre, Dortmund, German-Ukrainian Partnership Network support, Chernobyl History Workshop implemented the project “Strengthening of Chernobyl unions’ potential in the Eastern regions of Ukraine” in 2014. The aim of this project was the strengthening of cooperation between Chernobyl unions and other non-governmental organizations, consolidation of interaction with the government bodies and rising of attention to the problems of chernobyls in the society.

The above project was particularly actual taking into account the events in Ukraine. Since 2014 the problems of chernobyls have been moved to the background because of appearing the new vulnerable groups – ATO participants and internally displaced persons.

 At the same time among internally displaced persons from Donetsk and Lugansk regions there is a group of people suffered because of the explosion on ChNPS, including the liquidators. The majority of chernobyls suffers from specific health problems and need a special help.

Regarding this situation, the main aim of the project was to reduce a destructive competition between different socially vulnerable groups.

A range of round tables and trainings were conducted within the project in Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk on mediation (reducing a level of proneness to conflict) and information technologies to develop new strategic approaches in Chernobyl unions’ development, to arrange effective cooperation with other non-governmental organizations, including ATO participants unions.

The representatives of non-governmental organizations and governmental structures took part in these events.

According to the results of the project, 11 Chernobyl organizations have strengthened cooperation with or government bodies and other non-governmental organizations enlarged their volunteer services.